Three Benefits of Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Three Benefits of Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

When it comes to assessing wall mounted air conditioners, Perth home or business owners may wonder if they are worth the expense. A wall mounted split system air conditioner can be a significant investment in your property, so you need to feel confident that it is the right option for you. Here are just three of the benefits offered by this type of air conditioner.


Wall mounted air conditioning systems tend to be one of the most economical options for those looking for a cost-effective solution to air conditioning needs. The main reason that a wall mounted units are popular is that they tend to be far more affordable than window units, centralised systems or even portable units. Additionally, since modern wall units tend to be very energy efficient, the running costs of this type of system are far lower. Although centralised HVAC systems tend to offer lower running costs, when you factor in the initial outlay for installation, a wall mounted unit offers the most affordable option.

More Aesthetically Pleasing:

Unlike the bulky window air conditioner units, with wall mounted air conditioners, Perth homes will not be aesthetically compromised. The sleek design of the modern wall air conditioner means that it can unobtrusively be placed in the room without compromising the amount of light or view from the window. Modern wall mounted units are designed to be slimmer and smaller than their older counterparts. This development means that any style of decor will not be compromised by adding a unit into the room. Unlike central HVAC systems that can require considerable disruption for installation, a wall mounted unit causes very little damage to decor during installation. While you may find that you need to redecorate after a HVAC installation, a wall unit can be in place in next to no time without ruining your decor.


Another great benefit of wall mounted air conditioning units is that there is a great variety of options available. Many reputable and established manufacturers offer a range of wall mounted appliances, in different sizes, capacities and efficiencies. There is also the possibility to choose a wall mounted split system air conditioner. This type of appliance allows you to both heat and cool the room without needing a separate device. There is simply no need to pack away your heater or portable air conditioner out of season since the unit is permanently placed. This versatility allows you to efficiently ensure that your room feels comfortable regardless of the time of year. Many models also feature timers and other advanced features to allow you to maximise energy savings and reduce your electricity bills even in the height of summer.

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