How to Choose the Right Solar PV Systems

How to Choose the Right Solar PV Systems

When it comes to solar PV systems, there is a vast number of different choices. With solar panel rebate deals and other incentives, many people are rushing to get solar installed in their home. However, with the different options for solar power, Perth home and business owners may find rushing into the decision is a costly mistake. Choosing the right type of system may seem a little overwhelming but with some basic knowledge, you can simplify this decision.

Stand Alone Systems:

Stand alone solar PV systems tend to be fairly expensive and quite complex. However, stand alone system tends to be the best option for those looking to be self-sufficient with their energy. This type of system needs to be larger and more powerful, so that it can generate enough energy to power heating, cooling, lights and appliances. Stand alone systems operate in a similar way to standard systems, but they tend to be used in remote or rural areas where other options for electricity may be limited.

Portable Solar Power:

A more popular and common form of solar power, Perth residents may have come across is the portable system. This type of system is a much smaller version of a stand alone system and is often used in campers. These systems tend to be used primarily for minor energy needs such as small appliances such as toasters and lighting.

Complementary System:

If you are looking to use solar power as an alternative energy source rather than as your main energy source, you would need a complementary system. This type of system needs to be tied into the main grid so that it can be used to supplement your energy usage. This type of system allows consumers to reduce their energy bills, using solar energy when it is available but relying on the mains grid on darker days or when the store of solar energy has been depleted. This option is a popular choice for many consumers as the rising cost of electricity and gas at peak times such as the height of summer and the coldest months of winter can be alleviated with free solar energy. Since your system will not be used for cooling or heating the entire property, it can power household lights and smaller appliances, removing some of the stress of relying on costly utility companies.

Solar PV systems can be a great way to obtain cleaner, greener energy. With the rising cost of utilities, many home and business owners are looking to find a way to reduce their costs. Unlike with many alternative energy sources, with solar power, Perth residents will find that they can enjoy fairly maintenance free, renewable energy for many years to come. However, it is important to determine what you are looking to achieve with your new system to make the right choices during installation.

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