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How does an evaporative air conditioner work?

A pump circulates water from the reservoir on to a cooling pad, which in turn becomes very wet. A fan draws air from outside the unit and forces it through the moistened pad. As the air passes through the pad it is cooled by evaporation. The key to effective evaporative cooling is ensuring that each of the cooling pads are completely saturated at all times during operation and that the systems fan & motor are sized and designed to deliver the appropriate airflow for the home.

All Breezair® units feature advanced technology and a range of clever design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance of any similar air conditioner. The Breezair long life Chillcel® cooling pads are kept totally saturated at all times by the patented non-clogging water distribution system. The Hushpower direct drive motor has been designed to deliver optimum air output. Breezair units feature advanced electronics that monitor water flow, water quality and airflow through the system.

What is the electricity consumption?

It varies from model to model, but by comparison with refrigerated systems, evaporative air conditioners use about 20% of the electrical energy, – so they are very inexpensive to operate.

Breezair Icon INVERTERcool™ technology and the revolutionary Hushpower direct drive motor ensure that Breezair is even more energy efficient. Breezair INVERTERcool™ is the only Inverter technology in evaporative air conditioners. Once again Breezair is leading the evaporative air conditioner industry with this unique feature which uses Inverter technology to match the performance of the unit to the cooling which is required.

Breezair is the world’s most efficient range of whole of home evaporative air conditioning systems. With a Breezair system, you will get the world’s leading technology in whole of home cooling. With that come world class benefits:

  • Less than half the seasonal power consumption of comparative ducted evaporative air conditioning systems and up to 90% less than refrigerated units
  • A unit capable of cooling a whole home from as little as running a light bulb
  • Quietest range of ducted evaporative air conditioning systems on the market
  • Most efficient range of whole of home evaporative air conditioning systems in the world

The benefits of both fan and motor combined with advanced electronic controls, manage and monitor the motor to ensure the system runs at optimum efficiency at all times. It’s so smart it even adjusts the motor speed automatically to cope with different ducting systems and back pressures.

How much water does an evaporative air conditioner use?

All evaporative air conditioners use water to produce the cooling effect. The amount varies with the size of the air conditioner, the amount of cooling selected, and the ambient conditions.

Most evaporative air conditioners have a pre-programmed setting which regularly dumps the water. These air conditioners are pre-set to regularly flush all the water out of the system and replace with new water.

Breezair® units with the Harmony & Horizon controller have the patented WATERmiser™, a unique feature which ensures economic water use through electronic water quality detection. The WATERmiser regularly tests the quality of the water to determine if the water is suitable for use. This feature ensures that a Breezair unit uses the minimum amount of water to achieve high efficiency cooling and ensures optimal operation of the air conditioner. The WATERmiser also comes with a leak detection monitor to ensure that no water is wasted in the operating of the system.

Will Breezair keep me cool during Australian heat waves?

Yes, definitely. Breezair performs brilliantly even in the hottest of temperatures. When the temperatures rise is when Breezair works at its best. Unlike refrigerated air conditioners, which are noisy day and night, you will sleep soundly and comfortably with the Breezair Hushpower® direct drive motor, which will work for you during the night barely making a sound! You no longer need ceiling fans or other such devices in your home, and your Breezair can either ventilate or cool the air depending upon your wishes.

How should I use my evaporative air conditioner to get the best results?

To provide effective cooling, evaporative air conditioners need to be able to create airflow through the home, exhausting hot air outside. To assist the cool fresh airflow through the home, open windows and outside doors that are furthest from the outlet vent. In the rooms that have vents you should provide an opening to outside that is approximately twice the opening area of the vent.

Also on occasions of hot winds you may need to reduce the openings on the windward side of the house and increase the openings on the other side to compensate. Once you have your Breezair installed you will be able to experiment with this and create the best situation for you and your lifestyle. Remember, evaporative air conditioners are great for families with kids, as you don’t need to worry about the kids opening and closing doors and leaving them open, as this helps with the cooling process.

Does the filter clean the air?

It most certainly does. The moistened ChillCel® pad catches dust and many smaller particles such as pollens, both of which can cause discomfort. Evaporative cooling is the ideal choice for families, asthma suffers* and the elderly* because natural clean fresh air is delivered into the home (* Consult your physician for advice regarding your specific circumstances). Reverse cycle systems recycle the same air from inside the home in much the same way as a fridge. Over time this can lead to the air in the home appearing to become stale.

Why must the room be left open?

Evaporative coolers work by evaporating water into the air. As air approaches saturation point, its ability to evaporate more water and provide a cooling effect decreases. Therefore, there must be a continuous exhaust of air from your house so that fresh, cool air can be continuously introduced. For best results, always allow air to flow through a room ensuring you get a constant supply of fresh, clean cool air and that the warm and stale air is pushed out. By contrast, refrigerated air conditioners continually recirculate stale air and typically introduce no fresh air to your home.

Can we vary the amount of cooling in any one area by decreasing other areas?

Yes one of the principles of evaporative cooling allows you to do this, by the air from the outlets always taking the path of least resistance to escape the building. So with this in mind you can close the window in a room and open the internal door so the cool air can exhaust through to another area where an external opening has been provided. We recommend you experiment so you can get the best out of your Breezair air conditioner. Always remember the air from the outlets must be exhausted somewhere to the outside of the building in order for the unit to work effectively.

COOL TIP – Enjoy the cool fresh breeze of your Breezair whilst you are sitting outside under your patio or veranda. Close the doors in the house and open the door/window adjacent to the patio or veranda, and feel the coolness of Breezair whilst you are seated outside.

Some air conditioners blow hot air when you first turn them on - does Breezair do this?

No. Breezair’s “Quick Cool Start Up” feature operates to pre-wet the cooling pads prior to the fan being turned on. This ensures that hot air is not blown into the home, and there is an immediate cooling effect, giving you a fresh cool breeze.

Can we pre-cool the house by starting the air conditioner before we come home?

Yes provided your wall controller has a time delay feature that allows you to have it turn on before you get home. Remember it is important that there is somewhere for the air to be exhausted from the home in order to get the maximum effective from your Breezair. An alternative to opening your windows whilst you’re not at home is to have Security Vents (up ducts) installed to exhaust the air. Contact your Installer or Local Dealer for information on installing Security Vents to your home.

Can I use the air conditioner to clear my home of cooking smells or smoke?

Yes you can! The best method to achieve this is to open the windows up a little more than usual and then start your Breezair on ventilation mode on one of the higher fan speeds. This will exhaust the smells out of the building, and replace the air with fresh, clean air.

Can I use the discharge water for my garden?

The discharge water from all evaporative coolers contains minerals & salts, so you should check with a garden centre before you put this water on your plants.

In most circumstances the dicharge water from a Breezair will be suitable for lawn or grass areas. You should also check with your council for local regulations relating to discharge water.

When should I clean my Breezair air conditioner and what should I use?

We recommend that this be carried out at the end of the summer season and at least once per year. The recommended work is set out in the Owners Manual. However, only clean water should be used for cleaning, as it does not leave a residue or odour.

For Breezair units with the “No Seasonal Maintenance” feature the above does not apply. However, the roof of a building is a very harsh environment, so it makes good sense to have a routine maintenance check every other year, or every year if operating under harsh conditions, such as in very dusty or very hot locations. This helps ensure your Breezair operates at its most effective performance level. If you are unsure about the procedure contact your Breezair service specialist on 1300 650 644.

I have heard that evaporative air conditioners require covers during winter, is this true with Breezair?

No, Breezair has the AUTOWeatherseal™ which is a clever sealing system which assists in preventing draughts and dust entering the home. This also means that you don’t need to get up on the roof to cover the cabinet, as you do with some other evaporative air conditioners.

I have heard reports about Legionnaire's Disease and air conditioners - is there any link with evaporative air conditioners?

No, Legionnaire’s disease is NOT a hazard with wet-pad, dry sump evaporative air conditioners like Breezair. The following data will dispel any concerns:

  • The Legionnella bacteria exist throughout nature – in water and soil but usually at levels that are harmless.
  • To proliferate to levels considered hazardous requires water temperature of around 37°C, together with a source of nutrients.
  • An evaporative cooler operates with its water temperature close to the wet bulb temperature, which rarely exceeds 24°C.
  • Breezair WATERmiser™ periodically refreshes the water to prevent any bacteria build up.
  • Breezair WATERmiser™ leaves the cooler tank clean and dry when not in use.
  • A properly designed wet-pad, dry sump evaporative air conditioner, like Breezair actually evaporates water from the pad surface, never producing an aerosol mist. By contrast, some cooling towers linked to refrigerative air conditioning systems, circulating water at well above 37°C, can still produce aerosol mists. Consequently, most outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Disease have been traced to refrigerative air conditioning cooling towers, but never to evaporative air conditioners.
  • The Legionnella bacteria can only be inhaled if carried in aerosol water droplets.

Therefore in wet-pad, dry sump evaporative air conditioners, such as Breezair, none of the conditions necessary for either the proliferation or the transmission of Legionnaire’s Disease is ever present.

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