Solar Rebates

Solar Power Rebates

If you are thinking about switching over to solar powered systems, you’ll need proper assistance and information on the policies you should consider. With the solar power rebate, Perth residents can save a lot of money on solar. They can also even choose to make money on the excess energy they’re able to store and return to the power grid.

Seasonmakers can guide you through the solar rebates policy and options available to you.

Not only is solar power great for the environment, but with the range of solar rebates available on various solar energy solutions, it could cost less than you thought.

Many consumers are a little overwhelmed by the Solar Power Rebate policies and whether any of these solar rebates would apply to them. Fortunately, Seasonmakers can assist you. Many of these solar rebates apply to many of the solar energy solutions we sell including our range of solar hot water systems.

The Basics of Solar Rebates Policies:

The Solar Homes and Communities Plan began in 2000. This plan was designed to assist Australian homes and communities to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, allowing residents to save on their energy bills.

Since November 2007, this program has provided solar rebates of up to $8,000 for solar photovoltaic installation. The program was allocated the sum of $150 million to provide solar rebates for up to 3,000 homes per year over five years. However, this plan has exceeded these expectations resulting in:

34,000 solar energy systems being installed and this number is increasing every week. It is estimated that a further 63,000 installations are still to be completed. This has also encouraged more accredited solar panel installers in the last year, doubling the number to in excess of 1,000. There are also a further 300 installers currently in training.

The Latest News for Solar Rebates:

The Solar Homes and Communities Plan has created unprecedented growth under this government scheme. This has meant that this program has now been closed and there has been an immediate introduction of the Solar Credits scheme. This shows that the Government continues to support and encourage growth in the renewable energy industry.

Solar panel installers Perth:

Seasonmakers are highly experienced with installation of solar panels for residential and commercial locations. When searching for solar panel installers, Perth residents can turn a confident eye towards Seasonmakers for the job. Our services include solar panel sales, installation, maintenance and repairs. We will also be more than happy to assist you with the paperwork required for solar energy installation and consumption.

If you need help to understand solar rebates, contact your local Seasonmakers office. Our team would be happy to discuss options for solar rebates from any one of our five stores across Perth.

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