Split System Air Conditioning Perth

Split System Air Conditioning Perth:

For families who don’t need ducted air conditioning, split system air conditioners are ideal choices to cool single rooms or dining / living areas. They are small but powerful and can cool very quickly. Generally, their capacity differs depending on the size of the room they’re installed in.

Split system air conditioners are very simple and comfortable to use. The most common temperature range they provide is between 18 and 30 degrees. Cold air produced by split systems is purified with layers of filters, avoiding allergies and sore throats. This feature lets people with asthma and other breathing issues enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

Seasonmakers offer national and international branded split system air conditioning, Perth people will like to have. We also offer our customers competitive prices with attractive warranty packages.

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Split system air conditioning can provide a great solution for the heating and cooling of your home or business premises. With split system air conditioning, Perth consumers can enjoy a comfortable environment regardless of whether it is the height of summer or the depths of winter. Download a Brochure Today!

The Basics of Split System:

With a split system air conditioner, Perth consumers will find that heating unit or fans are mounted inside the property and a cooling unit is installed on the outside of the property. This allows you to cool the adjoining rooms. Wall mounted air conditioners are available in a number of different power settings and capacities to allow you to find the perfect split system air conditioning system to suit your property, regardless of whether you have a large open space or compact rooms. Download a Brochure Today!

The Different Options for Split System Air Conditioning:

When considering split system air conditioning, Perth consumers will find that Seasonmakers can offer a wide range of options. We have a number of reverse cycle split system options from Mitsubishi Electric, our preferred brand, but there are also more budget options with the same 5 year warranties for your assurance and confidence. Our experienced sales team can assist you in determining the type of system best suited to your needs from a range of options including wall mounted air conditioners, multi head split systems and in ceiling cassette systems. Each of these systems has distinct features and can offer a range of benefits. This provides the flexibility to efficiently cool and heat your property regardless of whether it is large or small. Download a Brochure Today!

For Split system installation, Perth residents and corporate can choose Seasonmakers for a wide range of product choice and quality service round the clock.

If you would like to know more about split system air conditioning, contact us. Our team would be delighted to assist you in determining the solution best suited to your particular needs and help you to find the most effective and efficient equipment to heat and cool your home. Download a Brochure Today!

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