Breezair Air Conditioning Perth

Breezair Air Conditioning Perth

If you are looking to cool your home without worrying about heavy power consumption and the bills to show for it, you should start thinking about Breezair’s evaporative air coolers. They are both cost effective and best in class for power consumption.

Breezair evaporative air coolers use the latest in invertacool technology. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems that recycle air in a closed area, Breezair continuously draws in a fresh flow of air to keep your home cool and allergen free.

Cost, energy and maintenance are all factors to consider when choosing an air conditioning system. With Breezair air conditioning, Perth families can be confident in the knowledge that these systems are designed to consume merely 10% of the energy which conventional air conditioners chew through on a daily basis. These models are also ideal to use with doors and windows left open to encourage the flow of natural air.

Breezair air conditioning provides one of the most efficient methods of delivering clean fresh air throughout your home. When choosing Breezair evaporative air conditioning, Perth home and business owners will find that this is a more relaxed method of cooling a property.

The Current Range of Breezair Air Conditioning Products:

The Icon series is the current range of Breeze air conditioning available. The Icon range is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and cabinet shapes to complement any style of home or business premises. Breezair products feature advanced technology with a range of unique innovative design features to create a high performing appliance compared to any other air conditioner on the market.

With Breezair evaporative air conditioning, Perth residents will have access to innovative Invertacool Inverter Technology, which has been designed to reduce electricity usage. Invertacool efficiently manages power consumption, eliminating the costly and wasteful stop start sequence of conventional systems. This can produce genuine cost savings with significantly reduced energy use. The Icon series of Breezair air conditioning products use up to 90% less electricity compared to standard refrigerated units. This means that with Breezair evaporative air conditioning, Perth residents could save hundreds of dollars each year.

Breezair ducted evaporative air conditioning systems are designed to distribute evaporated air via an interconnected network of vents, which each encourage air to flow into a specific room, allowing formanagement of perfect temperature and ventilation.

Breezair- A Seasonmakers Preferred Brand:

At Seasonmakers, we appreciate that our customers are keen on keeping cool without wasting energy. This is one of the main reasons why Breezair is one of our preferred brands. With the range of Breezair air conditioning products, we feel confident that we can help you to find the system best suited to the particular requirements of your home. We offer a full installation service and our team can make buying your new Breezair air conditioning system simple and easy. Seasonmakers has the experience and expertise to ensure that you feel happy with your new purchase and enjoy clean cool air throughout your entire home.

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