Split Systems Air Conditionier Types

Split System Air Conditioner Types

When it comes to differing split system air conditioner types, the choice of products at Seasonmakers will amaze you. We know that customers like to own air conditioners which both look modern and employ the latest technology. We bring in the best national and international brands of split systems which make use of the latest technology and we carefully consider the requirements for each customer. For your convenience, we offer difference price ranges with attractive warranty periods.

Our range of Split systems air conditioner types are

  • Single room split systems
  • Wall mounted split systems
  • Multi-head Split systems
  • In-ceiling cassette systems

A split system air conditioner system can provide a great solution for cooling and heating your home. However, there are a great many options for a split system air conditioner. At Seasonsmakers, we can provide a choice of small split system air conditioners through to more comprehensive ducted systems. We have a number of options from Mitsubishi Electric, our preferred brand, with more budget options from other manufacturers still available with the same 5 year warranty.

Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner:

We can provide a range of wall mounted split system air conditioner options. Not only do these small split system air conditioners cool and heat but have innovative designs to complement your decor. These are perfect for single rooms and can provide an energy efficient quiet method of making your home feel more comfortable.

Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner:

A multi head system allows you to connect a number of indoor units to one outdoor unit. This can save a great deal of space and increase the convenience of your system. Our range of multi head split system air conditioner equipment can provide an excellent choice for any application where a number of rooms need to be connected such as townhouses, villas, apartments or residential homes.

In Ceiling Cassette:

Ceiling Cassette systems can provide installation flexibility and can be used in residential or commercial property. This type of system can be perfect for houses which do not have external wall access, making a great choice for family rooms, lounges, meeting rooms, offices, hotels and restaurants.

At Seasonmakers, we can help you to be comfortable regardless of the time of year. With over thirty years of experience in the air conditioning industry, we would be delighted to assist you in determining the best split system air conditioning system to suit your specific requirements.

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