Your Guide to Evaporative Air Conditioning

Your Guide to Evaporative Air Conditioning

When considering buying a new air conditioning system, you may find that you are a little overwhelmed by your options. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to make an informed choice when assessing the merits of a system, unless you have a rudimentary understanding of the principles involved. For example, when considering ducted evaporative air conditioning, Perth homeowners often only look at the price tag, rather than assessing the long term benefits of ownership. This brief guide is intended to provide you with all the essential information you need to determine if it is the right option for you.

How Evaporative Air Conditioning Works:

Evaporative systems work on a similar principle to natural cooling. You are likely to have noticed that you tend to feel cooler when you are near the sea or a river. This feeling is because the hot air travels across the water, causing some evaporation that absorbs the heat. This action cools the air and creates a “sea breeze” effect.
Non ducted or ducted evaporative cooling works using the same technique. The hot air is pulled into the cooling unit. The air is filtered and passed through a moistened pad. A fan then blows the cooled air back into the home.
Hot air can also be forced from the home through open doors or windows, preventing the indoor air from feeling stale.

Why Choose Evaporative Air Conditioning?

There are a number of benefits associated with evaporative air conditioning. The primary benefit is that evaporative systems are ideally suited to our climate. You can still enjoy fresh air inside your home by leaving your doors and windows open. Since the air is clean and fresh, you won’t experience the dry nose, eyes and skin that is often a symptom of an air conditioned environment. You can enjoy a great night’s sleep without feeling stifled by stale air or kept awake by noisy air conditioner units. This can reduce respiratory discomfort in those with vulnerable health.
With ducted evaporative air conditioning, Perth homeowners will also find that they can be comfortable without it costing the earth. Evaporative systems are some of the most energy efficient choices to cool your home. Many systems are designed to be highly energy efficient, using far less power than a comparable refrigerated unit. This means that you won’t be worried about the electricity cost, every time you switch on the AC.
Although ducted systems can cost a little more initially to install, you are sure to appreciate the long term savings. While a ducted system may not be possible in certain circumstances, such as lack of ceiling space or floor cavities, there is often a solution to allow installation.

If you are considering a new air conditioning system and are unsure about the benefits of ducted evaporative air conditioning, Perth homeowners should speak to us. We specialise in air conditioning systems and have decades of industry experience. The Seasonmakers team are here to answer any queries you may have and assist you in determining which system is suited to your particular needs.

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