Your Guide to Choosing the Right Hot Water System

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Hot Water System

Hot water is considered to be a basic necessity in any modern household, but with the number of options for a hot water system, Perth homeowners may find the decision challenging. You need to be confident that you will have sufficient hot water to meet the needs of the whole family, yet be likely to want to keep running costs low. You may be considering the environmental impact and the future costs of fuel. All of these factors can weigh heavily on the choice of which system is best for you.

Natural Gas Storage Hot Water Systems:

Natural gas is a popular choice for both storage heaters and a continuous flow hot water system. Perth homeowners will find that these types of system are rated by energy efficiency and you can choose an internal or external version. Generally, gas storage hot water systems have a smaller capacity compared to their electric counterparts, as they can heat water quickly on demand, rather than only heating at certain times of the day or night.

Off Peak Electric Systems:

These systems tend to have a similar running cost compared to natural gas systems but there is a drawback. While the typical storage capacity is at least 170 litres, the water heated overnight at off peak electricity rates to be used during the day. This means that there isn’t a continuous flow of on demand hot water, which could mean that your family may find that by the time evening arrives the hot water has run out.

Standard Electricity:

This is used for continuous flow and water storage heating solutions. This is typically a more costly hot water system. Perth homeowners may find that these systems are best suited to homes with limited space to negate the potentially higher running costs. For example, a small flat or apartment may not have sufficient space for a larger off peak system or gas storage hot water systems, making standard electric the only feasible option.

Solar Power:

Solar energy could provide you with up to seventy percent of all of your hot water free of charge. This renewable energy option is very environmentally friendly and has an almost free operating cost. However, there is a higher initial installation cost. Most systems are paired with a boost power which is either gas or electric, which can provide hot water in occasions when there is little or no sun. Additionally, you could also integrate home heating into your solar power solution.

Solid Fuel:

Solid fuel systems operate using coal, wood or even briquettes. This variety means that the running costs can widely vary. However, most systems are flexible enough to use different fuels, which means that you can choose a fuel which is the least expensive and most readily available in your area. This type of system does have limitations and cannot be used with a continuous flow system or a mains pressure system unless a heat exchanger is introduced.

If you are considering installing a hot water system, Perth homeowners should contact us. We offer a range of solutions including solar and gas storage hot water systems. Our team of technicians would be delighted to assist you in choosing the system best suited to the particular requirements of your property.

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