Why Choose Evaporative Air Conditioning?

Why Choose Evaporative Air Conditioning?

Many people become confused about the different kinds of air conditioning available. One of the least understood methods is ducted evaporative air conditioning. However, this kind of system has a proven track record even in the harshest of summers, and because of this it’s very popular amongst Australian home and business owners. There are a number of good reasons to choose this type of system and understanding the benefits is key before making a final decision.

Counting the Costs

One thing that delights most of our customers is evaporative air conditioning prices. Ducted evaporative cooling systems can be run for the same cost as a lamp which is much cheaper than other kinds of systems. This is because the system is much more passive in nature, and it doesn’t require a high powered refrigeration unit that is expensive to run. The cooling units that are used in this kind of system cost less to purchase than high-powered units. As well as being energy efficient, these systems are also cheaper to install in many cases.

How Does it Work?

Ceiling vents in every room are connected via ductwork to a cooling unit that is usually located in the attic space. Hot air enters the cooling unit through the ducts, and it is then passed across a moisture barrier. This barrier consists of cooling pads that are specially designed to both filter and cool the air as it passes through them. This cooled fresh air is then directed back into the home using very quiet fans to circulate throughout the property. This cyclic system is ongoing, and the air is completely replaced every few minutes.

Where to Locate the Air Conditioning Unit:

Another important factor to consider is where the new air conditioning unit will be located. Generally, it needs to be placed in a convenient area of the home without compromising the architectural integrity of the property. The location of the unit could also influence the energy efficiency and performance of the system, so it is important to check it will be located in the optimum location.

A More Natural Solution

There are other great benefits which can be gained by choosing ducted evaporative air conditioning other than cost. This type of system is much quieter and easier to live with for many people. One of the first things to mention is that the cooled air is 100% fresh air, it is replaced every few minutes, and it has been filtered. For those people that suffer from asthma and other allergies this may be of particular interest. Another benefit is that doors and windows can be left open if the room needs to be aired out. The nature of the system is mainly passive, so leaving doors and windows open doesn’t affect the operation or running costs at all. This is a wonderful benefit for families with children, as they can come and go into and out of the house, and it doesn’t matter if they leave the door open.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of choosing a ducted evaporative air conditioning system, contact us. Our preferred brand for this kind of system is Breezair, and we will be happy to explain why. We offer a warranty for up to 7 years which is the longest warranty in the market. Our team can arrange a no obligation quote for you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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