Three Reasons Why Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning Is the Best Choice For Your Home

Three Reasons Why Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning Is the Best Choice For Your Home

When it comes to choosing a new air conditioning system, the cost is always a factor. For this reason, reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is often dismissed as a viable option. However, this could be a costly mistake, and here are three good reasons why this type of system could be the best choice for your home.

Save Money:

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient solutions for heating and cooling your home. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option which can also save you money on your energy bills. Many of these types of systems for ducted air conditioning, heating and cooling your home, allow for zones to be created within the property. This means that there is no need to heat or cool rooms or areas which are not in use. For example, you can only cool your sleeping areas at night and during the day cool the living areas. This saves energy and will reduce the running costs of the system.

Tailored System:

One of the main advantages of reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems is that it is flexible. Since the ducting is installed throughout the property, this creates a tailored system suited to the specific characteristics of your home. This is one of the reasons why this type of system tends to be more costly, but the system is perfectly suited to the limitations and requirements of your particular property. Most experienced technicians will design the layout of the ducting for maximum efficiency and performance. The ducting can be placed above the ceiling with only the vents showing. This means that you can obtain all of the benefits of an efficient heating and cooling system without compromising the aesthetics of your home decor.

Improve the Features of Your Home:

Although you may have no intention of selling your property, most homeowners like to keep an eye on the potential resale value of their home. Since ductwork tends to be very low maintenance, the installation of this type of system can be considered a real investment in your home. Potential buyers will be able to appreciate that the ductwork is already in place, even if the main unit needs to be replaced in years to come. Whereas a wall mounted system will tend to have a cheaper initial installation cost, once the unit has become old, a total replacement will be needed. However, regular maintenance and replacing components in a ducted system will keep the system providing efficient heating and cooling.

Ducted air conditioning heating systems can provide an efficient tailored solution for your home. While the initial cost may be more compared to mobile units or wall mounted systems, you may find that the long term benefits make it a great option for you. If you are interested in learning more about reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, contact us. We specialise in air conditioning solutions with decades of experience in the industry. Our team would be happy to answer any questions and assist you in determining the system best suited to your home and budget.

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