The Importance of Using Fresh HVAC Filters

The Importance of Using Fresh HVAC Filters

Many people neglect their ducted air conditioning servicing, and that is a bad habit to get into. A regular air conditioning service can add years to the life of a system and make it run more efficiently. This increased lifespan will equate into greater savings for the homeowner and a system that will do its job flawlessly. Of course, servicing the system once a year will incur a cost, but there is a great way to supplement the service by carrying out a simple task. This involves regularly changing the filters, this task alone will ensure that the system runs well. This can be carried out by someone with no technical expertise, and it is really easy to do.

Important Initial Information

Firstly, it’s important to know which system is installed in the home. Locate the owners manual and make a note of the make and model number. If the owners manual has been misplaced, check the unit itself and the make and model should be visible. As an aside many manufacturers have their owners and servicing manuals available for download on their websites if required. The filter will be easy to locate using the manual and following the instructions to remove it is quite straightforward. It is a good idea to keep the old filter as it is possible to get the model number and measurements off the filter itself.

Purchasing the Filter

Many home improvement stores stock HVAC filters and other products for ducted air conditioning systems. However, these products can be priced higher, and it is possible to get a better deal. Many people venture online in order to save money. A quick search for HVAC filters should locate a supplier, and their website should have a search function. Input the make and model number and check that they are in stock. A really good supplier may have an advice line or can answer any queries via email. It may be a good idea to order in bulk as there may be additional savings or it may work out cheaper for shipping. Always ask for advice if unsure as there may even be better filter options available that also fit the system. If in doubt make a note of the filter brands available and check online for any reviews of them to see what other people think.

Keeping Track of Changes

On average it is a good idea to change the HVAC filters every 45 to 60 days. It may be necessary to do this more frequently if there are any allergy sufferers or furry pets in the home. However, even in this case a fresh filter change every 30 days would be more that sufficient. Prior to fitting the filter mark the date on the corner as an aid to remembering when it was fitted. It is also a good idea to mark a date on the calendar or in a mobile phone for when the filter needs changing. By doing this filter changes will not get missed and the system will operate at maximum efficiency.

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