Four Factors to Consider Before a Split System Installation

Four Factors to Consider Before a Split System Installation

If you are considering buying or upgrading to split system air conditioning, Perth homeowners are likely to already have begun shopping around. However, before you settle on a system or unit, it is important that you take note of these four factors that should be considered.

Is it Properly Sized?

Although your budget is likely to be an influencing factor, your unit and system needs to be properly sized. Many people make the mistake of just replacing their old unit with a new model of a similar spec. This may mean that you have lost the opportunity to make your system more efficient. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors including energy efficiency, window placement, the number of heat generating appliances and the layout of your property that will determine the load calculation for your new system. For this reason, it is a good idea to consult an air conditioning specialist, who has specific software to make the calculations.
Failing to properly size your air conditioning will cost you more in energy and repair bills in the long term. If your system is too big, the capacity will be too large, meaning that it will cycle on and off more frequently than recommended. This wastes energy and causes excess wear on the equipment. However, if your system is too small, it may lack the capacity to meet your cooling needs. This forces the system to work harder, using more energy and increasing the risk of component failure.

Matching Components:

When upgrading split system air conditioning, Perth homeowners may be tempted to upgrade only their indoor or outdoor unit. This can be an expensive mistake as you should match both components. Your air conditioning system is designed to efficiently operate with matched units. If you upgrade only one unit, you will not see the most benefit from even the most energy efficient model. You may not only compromise the efficiency of your system, but place the older unit under increased strain encouraging it to fail.

The Energy Efficiency Rating:

Typically, the more energy efficient a system, the higher the initial cost. If you have a limited budget or simply wish to be frugal, you may look at the cheapest options. However, this can be a short-sighted approach as you will pay more in energy costs throughout the lifespan of the system. A far better approach is to choose the most energy efficient system you can afford; it will begin to save you money immediately.

Proper Installation:

Finally, you need to consider who is installing your system. Buying a new air conditioning system can be a significant investment in your home, so there is no point in cutting corners on cheap labour. A professional and experienced air conditioning specialist will ensure that the system is properly installed for maximum performance and efficiency. Inexperienced installers may cause your system to not perform optimally and could compromise the comfort level in your home.

If you are considering split system air conditioning, Perth home or business owners should speak to us. We specialise in air conditioning installations with decades of industry experience. Our team are here to answer any queries and help you to choose the system best suited to the specific requirements of both your property and budget.

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