Energy Efficient Heating Options for Your Home

Energy Efficient Heating Options for Your Home

When it comes to choosing heating options, Mandurah residents often find themselves a little overwhelmed. While they may wish to consider the most energy efficient home heating options, there are so many different heating options for houses of all styles, choosing the right one can be a little confusing.

Central Heating:

This is the most common form of heating options, Mandurah residents may be familiar with. This type of system usually features an electric heating system which feeds hot water through radiators throughout the home. Once considered to be one of the most efficient home heating options, there are now even more efficient options, which can not only reduce installation costs but also running costs.

Ducted Systems

This type of system is considered to be one of the most energy efficient heating options for houses and business premises. They can be fueled using heating oil, natural gas or possibly even coal. There is usually a forced air furnace which delivers heated air throughout the property via the network of ducts. One attractive feature of this type of system is that the ductwork can be used for both heating in winter and cooling in summer. All you need is an air conditioner unit added into the system to create this dual purpose.

Reverse Cycle Systems:

This is one of the most efficient and practical options. A reverse cycle system allows you to heat and cool your home depending on your needs. Many of these systems have been designed to offer optimum energy efficiency, which means that you can not only reduce the costs of heating your home, but enjoy economical cooling in the hot summer months.

Other Features to Consider:

The system itself is not the only factors to consider when thinking about energy efficiency. There are a number of features which can help to keep your energy usage in check. The most important feature is the ability to create heating zones or independent thermostat controls. This feature allows you to heat certain areas of your home, while leaving others unheated. For example, you may find it beneficial to heat common areas during the day, but it simply wastes energy to heat the bedrooms. However, at night, you will want your sleeping areas cozy warm, while the kitchen, lounge and other common areas are not in use and don’t need heating. This feature also allows you to personalise your preferences. For example, some members of your family may prefer the ambient temperature to be a little cooler, while others like it warmer.

Timing functions are also an important feature. Coming home to a freezing cold house can be very unpleasant but it is very wasteful to simply allow your heating system to run in an empty house. Most modern systems allow you to set a timer and have the heating coming on as and when you need it. For example, you can set the heating to come on, so the rooms are warm when you get in from work or are getting up in the morning.

If you are interested in energy efficient heating options, Mandurah residents should contact us. We specialise in heating options for houses of all styles and can offer a number of energy efficient home heating options. We would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and offer suggestions for the system best suited to your needs.

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