Air Conditioning Tips to Save You Cash

Air Conditioning Tips to Save You Cash

Air conditioning is a necessity to manage the hot sultry weather of an Australian summer. While your system may be running  night and day in the hot weather, air conditioning experts agree that this does not mean that you have no control over reducing the costs. Air conditioning contractors, WA insist that with some simple and easy tips for air conditioning, Rockingham residents can reduce running costs.

Maintain and Use Your Thermostat:

When it comes to components of air conditioning, Rockingham residents may consider that it should be left only to the professionals. However, there is one important aspect of your system you should be familiar with; the thermostat. While it is important that air conditioning experts have properly calibrated, it is also very important that homeowners know how to use it properly. It is far more energy efficient, and therefore, economical to set the thermostat at a comfortable ambient temperature, rather than cranking the system up to high when you are feeling too hot. Allowing the system to steadily decrease the temperature uses less energy and places less of a strain on your air conditioner system.

Ensure the Refrigerant is Properly Charged:

The refrigerant in your air conditioner is important to the proper function of the system. If the refrigerant is not properly charged, it can damage the compressor and trigger a costly repair. This can also increase your energy use as the system is not operating at optimum efficiency. If you notice that the vents are discharging room temperature air, even after the system has been running for at least fifteen minutes, you may need your refrigerant charging. You may also need a top up if the system has had a leak recently.

Clean Your Coils:

The condenser coils on the outside units can easily become clogged up with dirt, dust and other debris. Unfortunately, a dirty condenser coil can reduce the efficiency of your system, impairing the ability remove heat from inside the home and increase your energy consumption. It is well worth checking if there is any dirt or garden debris clogging up the coils to improve airflow and help the system operate more efficiently.

Change Your Filters:

Like the coils, filters can become clogged with dirt and debris. While filtering these particles from the system is the primary function of this component, a dirty filter becomes almost useless and can force the system to work harder to maintain the temperature. Most manufacturers recommend that filters are changed every four to eight weeks. However, you may be able to extend the lifespan of your filters by cleaning them. Taking out the filter and removing any lint and other large debris could increase the amount of time between filter changes.

If you are interested in increasing the efficiency of air conditioning, Rockingham residents should contact us. We are air conditioning experts with decades of experience as air conditioning contractors. WA residents will find our team happy to answer any of your questions or queries and available for servicing or maintenance of your system to ensure optimum efficiency.

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