6 Cool Facts You May Not Know About Air Conditioning

6 “Cool” Facts You May Not Know About Air Conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning installation, Perth homeowners are often so concerned with disruption and the potential cost, that they fail to realise how “cool” air conditioning can be. Here are six cool facts that you may not know, that may put your new air conditioning into a whole new light.

  1. Theatres Offered State of the Art Air Conditioning:

If you lived in 1917, you would not have had air conditioning in your home. This means that you would have had to struggle through the hot summer months. However, movie theatres recognised this and saw an opportunity to help their customers and improve their business. Many theatre owners started advertising that the had ice cold “state of the art” air conditioning, that would keep their customers cool while they enjoyed the latest movie.


  1. 18th Century House of Commons Had A/C:

With the notoriously fickle weather in England, air conditioning has never been particularly popular. However, in 1736, the ministers in the House of Commons were obviously feeling the heat. They had a seven foot “blowing wheel” that was essentially a hand cranked giant fan to keep them cool. The fan needed “the ventilator” who was the poor guy in control of the crank.


  1. California Millionaire Credited with First Domestic A/C:

A California millionaire who today is anonymous is credited to be the first person to use air conditioning in his home. It was 1892 and the system was set up behind a false wall to allow a six feet by nine feet room to be cooled. The system also required equipment to be placed on the roof.


  1. Willis H. Carrier is considered to be the genius behind modern air conditioning systems. However, it is rumoured that he was so engrossed in developing his invention that he left for a business trip with nothing but a handkerchief packing in his large suitcase.


  1. The First White House Air Conditioning System Was Installed in 1929:

Despite the country reeling from the after effects of the massive stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression beginning, the American president needed to be kept cool. The president at the time, Herbert Hoover, spent $30,000 on air conditioning for the Oval Office. This equates to almost US$415,000 in today’s money.


  1. Air Conditioning Is Cheaper than Ever:

When air conditioning started to become more commonplace in the 1940s, you could expect to pay $350 for a basic window unit. This is the equivalent of approximately US$3,500 today. As the technology has developed and demand has increased, manufacturers have created better, yet cheaper systems. This means that there has never been a better time to consider an air conditioning installation.


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