5 Reasons to Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

5 Reasons to Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

When considering upgrading or installing air conditioning, your first step is likely to start obtaining quotes. The first thing about ducted air conditioning, Perth homeowners will notice is that the quotes tend to be slightly higher than non ducted systems. Although the price is likely to be an important factor in your decision, here are five reasons why a ducted air conditioning system should be given a little more consideration.

Great Value:
Although your non ducted system quotes may be cheaper, they may not offer the best value. When you consider the cost of installing a split system wall hung unit in every room, it is likely to be more expensive compared to ducted air conditioning. Perth homeowners will find that a ducted system offers greater value since every area and room of your property will be heated or cooled.

Complete Control:
Ducted systems provide a whole of home solution, allowing every area or room to be conditioned in both summer and winter. However, this does not mean that you relinquish control of your environment. In fact, with zone settings, you can have complete control. Most systems allow for central areas and different zones to be set up. This means that with the use of timers, you can ensure that every area is optimised to your exact preferences. For example, you can set sleeping areas to be heated or cooled to the perfect temperature at night, to minimise energy usage and reduce your bills.

Eliminate Cold or Hot Spots:
Most homes have areas that remain hotter or colder than the remainder of the property. These areas can be drafty and uncomfortable, limiting their use and causing a great deal of frustration. You may have spent untold hours trying to find draughts or other DIY methods to reduce the temperature differential. However, the answer could be provided with a ducted air conditioning system. Since the whole of the home will be heated or cooled, there should be minimal variance in temperatures in any area.

Improved Aesthetics:
Even the sleekest design of wall unit can still be intrusive in your decor. However, with a ducted system, there are only floor or ceiling grills visible. This means that you won’t need to plan your decor around a wall mounted unit or risk having your carefully considered decor compromised by a large appliance.

Noise Reduction:
One of the most frequent complaints about air conditioning systems is the noise. While mobile units can be flexible, they tend to produce a great deal of noise. Although manufacturers of wall units are continually developing new technology to reduce operational noise, they can’t beat a ducted system. Since all of the noise producing equipment is either under the floor, in the ceiling cavity or outdoors, you will find that a ducted system is the quietest option available.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of ducted air conditioning, Perth home or business owners should speak to us. We specialise in air conditioning and can offer a number of ducted air conditioning system options. Our team are ready to discuss your requirements and assist you in finding the system best suited to your needs.

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